D'Alleva's TiffanyThere’s something to be said about a profession that makes people look & feel amazing. For the past 19 years I’ve been blessed with the talent and ability to do so. Whether or not you have a special occasion to attend or just feel the need to reinvent yourself……..let me do the thinking for you!!!

As this being my craft its my job to think outside of the box & bring creativity to your life. Unless of course your content with looking like everybody else & never actually doing the “I wish I could do something like that.”

Today there are so many great color and cutting techniques. Dimensional color, Amber hi lights, slicing, shattering and many more that I’ve learned over the years however one thing still remains the same, everybody wants to look amazing!

I also realize when it comes to looking and feeling unstoppable its an all over appearance that’s where my other passion comes into play,Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. Clearly you can see when you sit in my chair you’ll be in the right hands. Let me pair up the perfect cocktail of techniques to create a jaw dropping effect that you want and deserve.

Color By Tiffany