Bonded Hair Systems

Hair Enhancement – Bonded Hair Systems

The Bonded System can be attached by a medical adhesive, or a medical tape system, which is undetectable and leaves the scalp healthy. Some of these systems will need to be replaced between 8 – 12 months and will need to be adjusted every 4 – 5 weeks.

  • The Bonded System is a unique semi-permanent hairpiece that provides unlimited options for both hair needs and fashion wants
  • Adds volume, texture and color enhancement
  • The Bonded System is specifically engineered for clients with greater than 50 percent hair loss in the crown
  • Each Bonded System is unique and is prescribed and customized to fit your individual needs/wants, creating a natural and beautiful look.
  • The system feels so comfortable, that people forget it’s on
    Installation is done by a certified hair professional to ensure proper installation and longwearing satisfaction
  • 100% hand-tied with a unique silicone base technology that is self-molding, soft, flexible, and comfortable
  • Provides volume in the crown area making it the perfect complement to the hair length that extensions bring
  • Lays totally flat to the head
  • Weightless and comfortable
  • Is worn naturally, day and night, without removing
  • Low daily maintenance and upkeep cost
    Hair has a soft, smooth touch with flawless texture
  • Behaves naturally. Moves and feels like your real hair
  • Unique in design providing optimal blending possibilities with the natural hair

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